We built a hoop house!

It's construction time around Thornfield Farm. In preparation for our 2015 growing season we built two new greenhouses. It was a major undertaking, but we got it done. Huge thanks to my Six River Farm mentor, Andy Wingard, for teaching me everything I know about tunnels, and to my dad for putting in the hours with me to get them built. 

The first greenhouse is a heated propagation house. This is where we will nourish all of our baby seedlings for the year. Without this house we would never be able cultivate the level of consistent, high-quality produce required to fill your table!

The second greenhouse is called a high tunnel or a hoop house. This is an unheated, covered space that will allow us to extend the season and protect at least some of our more intensively grown vegetables from variable weather challenges. 

Both our hoop house and our greenhouse are on land that is eligible for organic certification this year through the Ohio Ecological Farm and Food Association.