A lot of 'firsts' this week!

I have a new baby niece! She's absolutely perfect. My other niece (who is also perfect : ) rode her bike all by herself to the park with me. We finally fixed (no really.. it's actually fixed this time!) our greenhouse heater. AND we got our first set of farm share costumers!!! 

A huge shout-out to you brave souls who signed-up in the first week of the first season of our first farm share. I am so excited to have you in the program. It is because of you all that this year is going to be a success and I am so grateful! 

To the rest of you friends and healthy food fans, come on in, the water's warm. Sign up today - we'd love to have you in the community! 

In honor our many firsts this week, we are planning a special care package for our new members.. stay tuned it's gonna be a good one.