You know Alex—he's the big, warm, heart of this farm. He's my partner in life and now... he's my partner in business :). 


Alex has been living on and contributing to the farm for the last two years, but as of this month he is working here full-time as well.  

This is a big step for us. I think it would be a big step for anyone, but adding on all of the peculiarities of farm life and the delicate intricacies of working and living with your family/in-laws, it feels like an especially big move.

It's both exciting and intimidating to embrace partnership to this level—it's honestly something I've always wanted but was never sure I would be able to achieve. As you may have noticed, I'm something of a control freak. I'm very particular about how things are done, and my expectations can be let's say.... sometimes a tad high. But, coming around to the idea of sharing my business—my baby, my pride-and-joy, my obsession, my vocation—with Alex has been surprisingly liberating. Alex has become so fully the center of my life over the years, now that we're here, at this juncture, it feels natural, freeing, exciting. Alex is such a strong person, he holds me up through all of the stress of entrepreneurship. He is soooo optimistic and positive that he provides a natural (and essential) balance to my more grim outlook. We have very different attributes, and this can sometimes be a source of conflict, but overall I think it is an incredible strength—we add to each other in a million small ways and I know I am better at everything I do because of him. It's not going to be peaches and roses all of the time, but I am genuinely optimistic and quite confident that we are a great team and our lives are enriched by living this farm life together. 

So what does all of this partnership talk really mean? Basically, you will see a lot more of Alex. He will be running our wholesale deliveries and sharing the market duties. He is managing our growing animal projects and he is learning the ropes of the larger family farm operation. He will be working a lot with my father, learning to run equipment, make hay, repair and build fences/barns, houses etc. 

We're taking a risk, financially and emotionally. We're betting on the strength of our farm, our partnership, and our community. And, I don't know about you... but think it's a great bet :).