Meet your Meat

If you are an ethically-minded omnivore and want to do one simple thing to improve your health, the environment, and your neighborhood: buy locally raised meat! 

We believe that sustainably and lovingly raised meat is the only kind you should eat. We love all of our animals, and we deeply appreciate the ways in which our lives are intimately woven together with the plants and beasts of this land. It is important for us to be able to share with you exactly how and where your food is raised. 


St Croix Sheep

We raise a heritage variety of hair sheep called St. Croix. These sheep are an amazingly friendly, good-natured, and hardy breed, and are widely prized for their tender, flavorful meat. St Croix shed their hair in the spring and grow super fuzzy for winter. The ladies are excellent mothers, and the rams grow a gorgeous mane (just check out our prize ram, Benny Big-Beard!). These sheep take a little longer to grow to full size and are born a bit smaller than those varieties commonly raised on an industrial scale. This leads to fewer complications in birthing and healthier adult sheep. We'll be expanding our herd, keeping the girls and processing the ram-lambs for meat.

The sheep bring so much joy and life to the farm. Lambing is an unbearably cute time of year, and their gentle nature makes them the perfect farm mammal to introduce to the young human members of our growing community. Enjoying the sheep, getting to know them intimately, and ultimately harvesting their meat is a critical part of an integrated understanding and appreciation of healthy food.



Angus Beef 

Cows have been an integrated part of our farm's history since day one. We have raised dairy cows, jersey cows, and many shades of black angus and red angus beef cattle. For the last decade we have raised a closed herd whose primary purpose has been to graze and maintain our pastures. We raise moms who birth healthy calves sustained on the grass and hay of the farm.

At present, our herd is almost entirely made up of Angus calves, heifers, cows, and bulls. Angus beef cattle are renowned for their excellent marbling and delicious flavor. Our cows are raised primarily on grass and forage, and we supplement their diet with a healthy amount of locally milled feed in order to raise the richest, tastiest meat.

2018 is the first time we will be bringing our beef directly to market. It's a new way for us to open our farm to you, our community, and we're excited to see what you think! 



Free Range Eggs 

Happy chickens lay tasty eggs! Our laying hens have managed, rotating access to pasture. The ability to forage for insects and plants in accordance with their instincts allows the birds to lay eggs with a healthier mix of vitamins and a rich, complex flavor you just can't find at the grocery store. Whether you're baking something special or just looking for the tastiest scramble in the valley, these are the eggs for you!

Our gals are a mix of heritage* and traditional egg-laying varieties. They are full of personality, clucks and antics. Engaging with their dinosaur-like habits every day is one of the farm's great charms. 

*There's that word "heritage" again... If you're like us, you may be new to hearing the term "heritage breed" in reference to livestock. In a nutshell, it's the equivalent of an heirloom seed; these are varieties of livestock animals that have been largely ignored by industrial agriculture, but have been passed down through generations of small farmers because of their exceptional qualities (mostly that they taste DELICIOUS!!).

**NOTE: Most of the photos on this page and many of the photos you will see in all of our materials were taken by the fabulously talented Nina Spengler. To see more of her work follow @ni.ma.sp  


Our Chief of Meat

Alex is my partner in life and now, my partner in business. He's a reformed city-slicker, an incredible artist, and a newly-minted animal whisperer. Alex is quick  to make you laugh and always found whistling to the animals as he goes about the daily chores. 

As we work on building the protein portion of our farming operation Alex will be taking the lead. You'll also see him at our markets and running our wholesale routes. We're pretty confidant that you'll love him as much as we do :).